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I am the peace and the poet and this is my blog. I live in Ghana and Nigeria where Splendors of Dawn does awesome things for humanity.
GROWINTOPEACE work to challenge and replace the traditional worldview with a considerably greater image of humanity informed by peace, harmonious living, nonviolence and its implications for the meaning of life and value of the person.
For me; peace activism entails looking inward. If there’s a war going on inside of you — addiction, depression, or self-loathing et al — you must fight back your inner conflict first before you’re truly in a position to spread peace to others. Real peace will come only when we all find peace within ourselves and we conquer hatred. I discover for myself the true nature of war and peace in the world- to transform our own violence and the violence around us into wholeness.
Peace activism today goes beyond taking to the streets in anger to rage against the system, it’s about finding peace from within and then sharing that peace with others through inspired action that is meaningful to you.
As a 21st century peace activist i search beyond how others construe the current state of the world, and define it for myself. It’s an authentic path of inner growth and discovery where i hold in my heart that if i choose peace in my life, the world will follow. I choose to live my mission, and to achieve the most within that mission. Importantly, my work is to further humanity’s evolution in the direction of progressive values of peace, love and harmony; to create more of the values, including justice, equality and freedom, which make life worth living. Nature gifts me with light every day in bright and shining love, a service my soul is searching for- to give birth to the great things and let them grow for humanity is my sun. – Dr Ayo Ayoola-Amale


To give my life to something beyond myself.

To walk to the highest light.

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