I don’t normally check my WhatsApp messages first thing in the morning.  Unfortunately I did today.  I was expecting a confirmation from my travel agent for a rescheduled flight.   Then I clicked on a long video that contain photos of some of these ‘very stinking rich Nigerians ‘who have had opportunities to serve the country.

They had their ill-gotten wealth splashed all over recklessly. These are some of our so called leaders with no mission, with no vision, with no understanding of the real meaning of what life is, very insane, thoughtless and very low rate human species. So low, so dirt poor in mind, in heart, in the great eternal riches and certainly lack moral values, virtues, lack the wisdom and understanding that comes with fearing God, knowing God, serving humanity, serving God, and understanding the vanity of worldly possessions. Their photos /videos made to show off stinks to high heavens, stinks of rottenness…

They of shithole minds have stolen the destiny of generations, they have stolen the future of a nation to create ‘a life’ of abundance for themselves, their families, stolen and hidden millions and some billions of money for their so called unborn generation. I think nothing of them. What are they of? They are the biggest thieves with shithole minds, with shithole hearts!!!

We need to start naming and shaming them and STOP the culture of celebrating glorified thieves and criminals in Nigeria.  Nigeria is not a shit-hole country, Africa is not a shit-hole continent. – Ayo Ayoola-Amale

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