I had lots of love and support in my childhood and great memories too. I would love to share my girl guiding memories on this girl child day- I was a devoted girl guide and subsequently became the Lead of Girl’s guide as a teenager when Girl Guiding groups were set up with a focus to work on social justice issues, such as violence against women and girls. As a girl guide I discovered myself early in life and knew i could be everything I want to be.

I was in Guiding from 8 years to 17 years. I was taught to take the lead, think of ways i can do a ‘good turn’ every day, put my ideas into action and be committed to positively impacting lives. I was taught to echo the core values of integrity and grab hold of every opportunity that comes my way to be a change agent. I was taught to BE PREPARED. To Keep calm and be prepared.WHY I DO WHAT I DO- The flame of the love of humanity.

The truth is, I do social work because my heart is in it. I love it and think i can make a difference. I often draw on my inner strength – often rooted in my faith in God and grounded in deeply held beliefs, such as a strong sense of compassion and justice. My greatest strength and joy is my faith in God. I don’t look for joy from elsewhere.

Personally, I am a very private and joyous person. I cherish my dignity and self-respect, so much that i also respect others dignity. My upbringing nurture my own longings for wholeness and connection, which helps me better able to find the courage to operate from my best self and to persist through any challenges that may come my way. As a girls guide i am always in a state of readiness in mind and body to deal with anything that might come my way, able to handle anything life puts in front of me.

To Be Prepared. Always prepared to serve. Always prepared to do my duty. Always prepared for the best life has to offer!It taught me to take time to value and listen to others, and to bring joy to other people. It developed my leadership skills, taught me to be a productive citizen, reinforced my moral rightness… I am not afraid to love, I am not afraid to be hated, I am not afraid to stand alone. I am not afraid to live, I am not afraid to die. So that I can be me truly and freely, so that I can enter more fully into the work of strengthening voice, participation, equality and justice.I will continue my journey. – Ayo Ayoola-Amale

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