This is all about Freedom. It is about independence. Are we truly free? A nation held captive since independence by heartless leaders, wild   plunderers, election riggers, war offenders, unpatriotic fortune hunters, self-serving rulers who have run the nation through an excessive corruption  and  total damage.  A nation held captive by an unproductive unitary system, full of injustices, parasitic states, a parasitic ruling ethnic group and the encouragement of the ‘almajiri’ system reliant on only crude oil at the expense of other wealth creating initiatives.  The truth is, Nigeria is consequently a failed state, plagued by social injustice, devastating poverty, inequities, disharmony and terrorism.                                                                                                                     The problem with Nigeria is not just a failure of leadership. It’s not only about rigged elections; it’s about the lack of care for the truth, conscience, the values of liberty, equal dignity, it’s about not building a society where people from different ethnic groups, different religions can live in equal dignity.

Clearly, the basic question is whether we are ready to build a united Nigeria, a one Nigeria , a Nation that we all believe in and truly love, a Nigeria that will provide every Nigerian with meaning and belonging, equal dignity, social justice or we should forget about  a country called Nigeria and  see a Nigeria plunged into war as it pulls away – clearly, these are the two choices we have.

Are we ready to confront the preying pilfers, and few powerful groups who obviously advanced only their narrow regional and ethic interests at the expense of democracy, the rule of law,  good governance,  patriotism, and.nation building.

I insist we make these national tragedies personal, I insist we make Nigeria a meaningful place for all Nigerians and understand that all of our differences bring forth a unique combination that gives unity if we respect ourselves as well as each other.                                                                                                                                                                     As a Nigerian you must ask yourself this very important question, ‘In every aspect of my life, how am I of value to Nigeria? We must always ask ourselves this question.

Let’s repair our future. Our future is broken! Our flight is off its flight path, we will never get to our destination.  Happy Independence Day!   – Ayo Ayoola-Amale                                   Sweetheart 20170930_212637

                          © ayo ayoola-amale2017


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