What is our attitude to peace?  What is our attitude to the possibilities of peace?              I like to believe that peace is possible for the simple reason that our problems are largely man-made. For that reason, they can be resolved by man. Clearly there is a global hunger for peace and love. One of the greatest challenges of humanity in this century is peace among peoples. The root of the global crisis we all face is mainly the injury that we inflict on one another and on nature.We are all witnesses to the agony, misery and suffering endured by billions of people in the world.

We must free ourselves from our prison. We must free ourselves from our prison of hate, ignorance, selfishness, and greed. We can contribute to change through our very being; by being aware of our power within our community and the world. We must believe in our own power. The way we relate with the people in our life, the people we meet in life, the way we talk and behave, what we stand for, the compassion we show a stranger can be a part of bringing love and peace to the world by being love and peace ourselves.                                                                                                                                 Building peace is everyone’s work.  Peace building is not only the work of peace activists and peace building community.

Are we not all affected?  Are we not very concerned for all we are living in?                      We live in a world devoid of human rights, gender and racial equality. A world that lacks respect for the sanctity of human life and dignity, a world without appreciation for cultural diversity, the interdependence of human needs and the integrity of the earth, a world full of war, terrorism, hatred, injustice, oppression and evil.                        We cannot afford to remain unconcerned. In the world today many voices can be heard and many inspiring actions seen that together reflect a universal hunger for peace, we all need to play our part. We need to feel alive. We need to be real. We need to have empathy and concern for others.                                                                                           Peace is a matter of daily life for a lot of people around the world; everyone needs to work for peace. We all need to help make a difference by working on peace in our own unique ways.                                                                                                                                            Everyone can work for peace. Everyone needs to work for peace – we all have responsibility! All of us are human beings. All of us make the world beautiful because of our diversity; we must respect this fact by valuing the dignity of every human being. Our world becomes paradise when we open our souls and hearts to peace, love, compassion and justice.                                                                                                                            The future of peace building belongs to all of us especially the youths.  The latter has a critical role to play in their societies as agents of positive social change. These young peace builders must be adequately prepared to lead the future. The landmark UN Resolution is a significant recognition given to young peace builders. This resolution, UN Security Council Resolution 2250 empowers youth to promote peace.                             Important also is the fact that the political economy of peace and not the political economy of war is what can bring about the much needed change. The world needs to invest in peace and non-violence.  The extreme disparity between global budgets for war and budgets for peace is glaring- Notwithstanding the enormous costs of war to societies, humanity and the environment and the fact that investing in peace is lucrative, and worthwhile.  Surely change is needed urgently!                                                We must think of peace. We must work for peace. We must act for peace.  We must speak for peace. We must live the way of peace. We must be peace. We must know that peace is possible.

We must find out what part we can play to improve the world. Take on the big inequities. Speak the truth and search for the truth. The world needs our voice.  Together we will create a better world. The time is now!

-Ayo Ayoola-Amale


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