Political tensions are intensifying in the penurious African nations, in a continent ruled by dictatorship, violence, and greed . African dictators President Joseph Kabila’s DRC, and the Gambia’s   Jammeh, have created political turbulence, anarchy and unrest. Presidents Joseph Kabila and Jammeh’s  bid to extend their stay in power beyond the constitutionally mandated limit of two terms has left the nation’s future hanging on the balance.                 In the course of more than half a century of post-colonial rule, millions of Africans have been killed, displaced and impoverished while fighting for freedom, justice and their dignity by poor leadership, plundering of their country, ravenousness, lack of rights and the rule of law. These scandal-ridden African heads of state don’t rely on legitimate voters to be elected into office. Their misrule has led to civil war, a state of lawlessness, an environment of hatred, mistrust, acrimony, horror, huge underdevelopment, and failed states. These dizzy, outrageous heads of states came to believe they were the state; they cling tightly to power, irrespective of the cost and consequences.                                                                                         They believe that their countries belonged to them and their families. Millions of hard currency  state funds has been spent in financing   unrestrained, lavish, lifestyles of presidents, and their family members who inevitably metamorphose into the wealthiest in their country and prospective heirs and princess that are given powerful positions to loot the entire treasury.  Children of active presidents are handpicked finance ministers. Equatorial Guinea Teodorin Obiang ,who is in line to succeed his father Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is known for his lavish, outrageous lifestyle,  Africa’s longest serving ruler and Angola José Eduardo dos Santos, Africa’s second longest serving president’s daughter Isabel Dos Santos is arguably the wealthiest woman in Angola to mention but a few.                                                                                                                                                         Credibility, reputation and the common good does not matter here. What matters is personal ambitions, inspite of the fact that they know that the fate and fortune of others depend on their choices, decisions and what they do etc.                                                                  Some of these presidents were the so called liberators from colonialism who turned out to be autocrats, tyrants, oppressors and looters.                                                                                    mandela-fbA lot of them took on flamboyant titles, medals and splashed their image and names on currency, streets and buildings during their murderous, monstrous regimes.

A servant leader culture is the norm in every sane society. A leader that is accountable to their citizens, a leader that respect human rights and civil liberties. A selfless leader.   The late President Nelson Mandela strove to build a free and democratic society, even at great personal cost and humility. He was a great leader and an inspiration. Madiba served his people. Authentic leaders develop character and vision, serve their people selflessly because what matters is that s/he connects with the people by adding value and meaning to their lives. The ultimate legacy a leader can leave is to grow leaders as extensively and as deeply as s/he can. African leaders will have to develop a greater sense of universal responsibility. They must learn to work essentially for the benefit of their citizens and all of mankind. They must understand the fact that universal responsibility is the real key to human survival. It is the greatest foundation for world peace. They must make the best use of their time on earth to help create a better world.                                                            Unfortunately, what we find as the standard in national governance is what we might regard as drama, the scripts have already been written -tragic, and brutal…                                        Clearly, there is a dearth of great leaders in Africa. We are saddled with leaders who rule by violence, despotism, and greed. These despots have failed not only their citizens, country, Africa  but the entire humanity. They have indeed committed great crimes against humanity.                                                                                                                                                           The late  Idi Amin Dada of Uganda, DRC’s Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire as it then was), Francisco Nguema of Equatorial Guinea and Jean-Bedel Bokassa of Central African Republic, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Guinea’s Ahmed Sékou Touré, Liberia’s Charles Taylor, Omar al-Bashir of Sudan,   to name quite a few. These insecure leaders are surrounded by avaricious, acquisitive family members, loyal sycophants’, boot lickers, and yes men usually from their state of origin, religion or tribes who are nothing but clowns and parasites.They have failed to invest in their people, they have failed woefully- they have failed to serve their people, they have failed to put their people into a position to do great things. They have failed to change the hearts of the people. They have failed to touch the lives of the people they lead or led.

As I always say life is lived with people. The most important thing in this world is people not wealth, power, fame or material acquisitions. The Ubuntu spirit is the true African spirit. How can one be happy when the others are sad?                                                                     Africa’s deliverance from more than half a century of post-colonial and racist rule cost the continent huge losses, Africa needs to free itself from the oppression, brutality and maladministration of its post-independent masters.                                                                        The glory of democracy is the peaceful transfer of power.  Thumbs up for Ghanaians!  They know the power of their votes, and importantly the power of the people in a democratic system. I witnessed tremendous turnout and the peaceful manner votes were cast, counted and declared. Ghanaians guard the ballot boxes with their lives, not for the sake of victory but as part of their commitment to peace and democracy.

Why do people choose to rise to the top through violent or illegal means?

How do we create great African leaders?

Is authentic liberal democracy uncharacteristic in this part of the world?


The societies beside the sunken sun                                                                                                 have their breaths dropped in horrific ecstasy

high above, thousands of their rats somersault about uncontrollably.

They create comedy and the winds flog their minds into abyss.

They create drought

and look away into beautiful deserts.

A rat that keeps raising its romantic passion, wild and bloody

has gone deaf like steel

they cannot look in deep

they cannot see beyond

they rust in.

© Copyright 2017 ayo ayoola-amale. All rights reserved.

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