Growing Into Soul

I was born on a beautiful spring morning, in the grand scheme of things; i danced with the God of love.
I have being called here for what purpose? To Grow into what? To grow into evil? A monster or a beast? Or is life simply about wealth, power and fame?
Am i just a seedling that developed into a shoot, bearing the true leaves of a total woman growing into tomorrow to discover my own paths?
Two miles that way, that is. A voice said ‘you will be growing into what you are; you will be growing into you.’
It’s less about growing up and more about growing into me.
So, with the boost of unending pending future, i see a time in which things will fall into place.
Being perfectly me by being imperfect. A coming-of-age…
Is it only about being worthy of the highest trust? Is it about growing into resilience?
Or is life just about giving a positive impact? Is it all about growing into my full potential and growth, growth, growth?
Is it the power of being a high quality person- being human; loving myself; loving God; loving humanity and be full grown. That way, I would be whole; I would live a life in full.
It’s less about growing up, and more about growing into me.
And all about Growing Into Soul and giving birth to the great things and letting them grow, letting them bud, nurture and harvest living foliage into forests that grows to the sky… humanity is my sun.

-Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Copyright © growintopeace2016• All Rights Reserved

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