We have highly positioned bureaucrats, Celebrities, ‘brand managers’ etc. Who call themselves or are called activists, when they are obviously promoting the evil system some of us are trying to fight against, their benefits packages look like those of corrupt Senators in Nigeria, and their social impact is zero. Their actions are counter-productive. Activists must be real rather than be the None Principled Activist who is cosmetically involved in activism.Social action entails seeking truth and speaking truth. That means being honest to the facts, finding out realities; being open to inquiry into the facts; challenging and speaking truth to power. Real activists are always striving for lasting change through a heart-felt, holistic framework of hard work, dedication, empathy and love. Working for good entails integrity, a commitment to the process, interconnectedness, and a love for all beings. Activists have a unique and powerful role to play in the unfolding of peace and justice.

We all know the countries, corporations and political leaders that need war to stay united, in power and in profit. These war profiteers seek to propagate fear and perpetuate an existential threat, so that we support the proliferation of ever more weapons to protect us from a permanent, ever-present enemy. Given my specific life circumstances; I often ask myself, what meaningful actions can I take to make the biggest impact on peace in the world? Therefore, what is my role? thumbs up to pacifist A.J. Muste’s well-known quote, “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” What this means to me is that peace activism entails looking inward. If there’s a war going on inside of you — addiction, depression, or self-loathing et al — you must fight back your inner conflict first before you’re truly in a position to spread peace to others. Real peace will come only when we all find peace within ourselves and we conquer hatred. I discover for myself the true nature of war and peace in the world.
Peace activism today goes beyond taking to the streets in anger to rage against the system, it’s about finding peace from within and then sharing that peace with others through inspired action that is meaningful to you.
As a 21st century peace activist i search beyond how others construe the current state of the world, and define it for myself. It’s an authentic path of inner growth and discovery where i hold in my heart that if i choose peace in my life, the world will follow. I choose to live my mission, and to achieve the most within that mission. Importantly, my work is to further humanity’s evolution in the direction of progressive values of peace, love and harmony; to create more of the values, including justice, equality and freedom, which make life worth living. Nature gifts me with light every day in bright and shining love, a service my soul is searching for- to give birth to the great things and let them grow for humanity is my sun.

I would love for the poverty, war and oppression to end in Africa. The real solution will come from Africans. Let’s have selfless service from leaders in Africa, not rulers who are looters, liars, oppressors with no purpose and who lack vision or mission in life. Let us have political, social and economic justice. Let citizens be patriotic and unified, let us all GROWINTOPEACE. Let the oppressive and mischievous policy of plunder in Africa pursued so long by so called Super powers, interfering unnecessarily with the internal affairs of other countries, and thereby leading to disputes, and often to disastrous wars- war and armaments are good for their economy. For instance, the interventions in Somalia, Libya and Mali are deeply problematic.That’s the only way that pattern of oppression and poverty can be stopped. — That’s the real revolution. Let our lives hold hope and possibility for Africa. No person or nation is great except that person or nation’s life is based upon morality. All authentic religions have morality infused in their teachings- we must care for the condition of humanity. What we attend to we become, where we place our attention shapes our world.
-Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Global Harmony Association (GHA) WOMEN’S DAY 2016

Spiritual Culture for Harmonious Civilization
Citizens of Earth!
Unite in harmony for love, peace, justice, fraternity and happiness!

Global Harmony Association (GHA)

GHA Mission is:
To bring global peace from social harmony paving a conscious way for harmonious civilization via harmonious education in Global Peace Science within a deep social structure of four harmonious classes – SPHERONS employed in productive spheres: Sociosphere, Infosphere, Orgsphere and Technosphere

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GHA Video: Social Genome of Peace from Harmony -


GHA Message to Women of the World
Woman Mission in the 21st Century:
Global Peace through Harmony and Global Peace Science

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GHA congratulates all harmonious classes (SPHERONS’) of women, we wish you a happy life in peace from harmony, which can o¬nly be the result of your high moral mission of a balanced life dedicated to Global Peace via your priority in it.

We all are the harmonious SPHERONS members and we must work to achieve gender equality, empower women more in politics, good governance and socio-economic projects.
GHA is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March every year since we are deeply committed to promoting the role of women in peace building and transforming the world through peace from harmony & harmonious education.The 2016 theme for International Women’s Day is “Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality.”
GHA’s Woman Mission in the 21st Century “Peace on Planet through Peace from harmony, Gender Equality and women empowerment by 2030.Women are the born peace makers and Peace Leaders for developing culture of peace and harmony in the family and in the society. Peace Education can initiate social changes and hence social development, by bringing about a change in attitude for gender equality, empowering women more in politics and good governance.
GHA strongly believe that for a new era of peace, harmony, and sustainability to grow, there must be a rebalancing and harmonizing of the feminine power with the masculine. Women have been marginalized and suppressed for millennia and we are therefore keen on bringing forth the wisdom and power of feminism and in supporting women in stepping forward in Peace and leadership roles.
Global Peace Science: Victory of Peace over War in XXI century is having a Noble Peace Mission of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam’- World is One family through peace from harmony , Women dignity & empowerment for saving the Earth planet and humanity in 21st century.
A real woman brings up her children harmoniously, is devoted to God, takes care of her parents, inspire her husband to give up bad habits like excessive smoking / gambling / anti-social activities etc and communicate with the world in a harmonious state of compassion and understanding of society, besides taking care of herself through yoga and meditation .
While some women remain oppressed by a male dominated society and adopt lifestyle which curtails their freedom like supporting veils or covering their head , there are other women who In the name of women’s liberation are seen to adopt bad life styles at the cost of their self-dignity, family and children leading to broken homes etc. In both cases it is only women who can change the situation as they are the ultimate sufferers. Therefore to have a peaceful world, women have a vital role to play in peace implementation. Women have a key role to play in the education of children in the spirit of Global Peace Science, which was first established in Global Harmony Association!
GHA congratulates Global women Peace Leaders and wishes them a happy life in peace from harmony!
The GHA offers a bouquet of flowers with PEACE & HARMONY!

Happy Women’s Day!

Ayo Ayoola-Amale,
President, GHA Africa,
Vice president, GHA Int’l,
Zaure Khizatolla,
GHA Vice-President and GHA-Kazakhstan:

Ramesh Kumar,
GHA Executive Director (CEO),
International Yoga Leader, India
Dr. Subhash Chandra,
GHA Secretary General,