WILPF GHANA has the opportunity to join in a global network of human bond for this year’s day of peace.
This International Peace day serves as a reminder that hope and peace are not just a possibility, but also a reality even in times of great misery and aggression.
The International Day of Peace serves as a call to action for all who are committed to a vision of a world in which the values of harmony and love, justice and equality, compassion and friendship are the guiding forces in our thoughts and actions towards one another.
For Wilpf Ghana, Every time is a time for each one of us to live out our purpose. It is a time to promote durable peace, equality, freedom, and daily interfaith cooperation. We should end religiously or tribally motivated violence and create cultures of peace, harmony, justice and healing for all living beings every time.
This day should be a day of reflection and inspiration, calling each of us to action as a peaceseeker and peacebuilder every day of our lives.

In peace,
Ayo Ayoola-Amale, esq.
President, WILPF, Ghana section.