We all share a universal mental power of speaking, listening, reading, writing, or using a sign language. What is language?  What is a good talk?  A mental maze? A mastery over someone? or A mastery of meaning-making.  A part of our being? Sprouting seeds of peace is becoming human. Communicating peace is celebrating peace of mind.                     It is communicating as human. It is education. It is communicating beyond. We honour humanity by conveying positive and constructive values imbued with universal ideals and inspired by the ideals of dignity, human rights, justice, harmony, peace, equality, tolerance, cooperation, kindness, goodness and mutual understanding.                                          When you communicate for peaceful purposes, you communicate compassionately, you communicate cordially, you communicate caringly, you communicate cooperatively and convergently. You communicate with dignity. You communicate as human.        You spout peace. You sprout peace.                                                                                                                                                   Be committed to sprouting seeds of peace  daily.

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