We are called to use the gift of language wisely. Each of us should endeavor not to let ugly, unwholesome words come out of our mouths. When we are a good steward with our words, we guard our words by avoiding careless words. We avoid violent communication. Yes, we should speak the truth even though it may be bitter or offensive. However, it is equally important that we should have self control and communicate in a non-aggressive manner. We should do this kindly, gently, honestly and with a sincere heart.                                                                                                                                                                                             We should as much as possible always communicate in a healthy and graceful manner. Disagreement should’nt become conflict, rather it should lead to a better understanding and mutual respect. We cannot agree all the time, but when we speak with love and mutual respect instead of using hurtful words and insisting in having things our own way, then we could reach a mutual agreement or possibly buy the other party over by our good attitude and wisdom.


By: Ayo Ayoola-Amale on Non-violent communication.                                                                                                                                                copyright2013.


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