WHAT PEACE MEANS TO US- By: Students of Aburi Girls Senior High Sch & Trinity Academy, Accra, Ghana. Age 13-16years

When delusion and confusion set your mind ablaze, that inner calmness that keeps you sane, is peace. by: Comfort Owusu

Peace is what i would say brings and unites the world as one- it is what makes us able to live together.   by: Naa Aku Tackie. Form 1b.

Peace is having total sound mind. Also it is the state at which the body, soul and spirit are all in one accord and therefore there is nothing that can change the state of your mind.   by: Manuella De-Sosoo. Class 1v

Peace is a state of being where solidarity  and unity are observed in a group of people or a person. Peace is when there are no wars mostly in a country.  by: Abigail Nyame. Class 1v

Peace is having a sound mind and body. Peace helps to avoid conflict in society. When there is peace, there is oneness. by: Alexandra Odoi Class 1E1

Peace is a period or a state of complete calmness and unity among people which helps to promote productivity and development. by: Kafui  Atzo Bediako. Class 1v

Peace is having total inner calmness and solidarity. by : Marilyn Nanbigne. Class 1E1

Peace is when one have sound mind both inwardly and outwardly and therefore can co-operate with the environment and is at ease with the things around him or her. by: Maria Ofori. Class 1v.

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