Here is the world.  Here is the heaven. I wish to live right.

Caveman:  I ‘ve made my room in comfort, on anything and everything under the sun, let me have peace.

Voice: And on earth? No grief, your heart is wishful. Your room weeps with you and deaden the music within.

Caveman: Shut up boy!  Peace from the earth is what I am crying for. The very deep is weak and in despair.

Voice: Listen. Think about what you’ll say next, think about what you will do next. Think, think right.  It’s something you create.

Caveman: What this voice may be, is but a clinging grief.

Voice:  It’s a deeper understanding of why it’s important to go within.

Caveman: Am I drawn to the flame, me, my enemy?

Voice: Hmmmmm ….. just had another thought, of a life ending one minute at a time. Free the demons!

It’s what you are that infects the whole.

Caveman: My path is silent to others, I seek my life’s bliss.

Voice: Your path sunk low. You receive what you give. Will it produce contentment?

In every life, what creates peace?

Is peace from harmony infinity from peace?  Visit

What is the world’s cry?  A struggle for survival. A struggle to flourish. A struggle for justice. A struggle for equal rights………………….

Is peace contentment?

Can you hear the world’s cry?

Why do we feed this pain?

Are we ready to take action for a future that we are destined to create?

Does the truth rest in peace?

Do peace workers  toil ‘to churn out’ sustainable peace?

Demonstrate your commitment to taking charge of the future.

Awake to peace. Be the peace!

– Ayo Ayoola- Amale esq.                                              copyright 2013


Yesterday wept with us, naked.

Today our grieves die like mist

renewing the little self of selves like soaring light.

Full by growths of humanity,

complete by roots of renewal,

sitting in the fire of dancing light,

tearing down black walls, sitting by desolate streams,

tearing down white walls, sinking into the buried past,

vanishing divisions fluttering wider and wider,

pumping out hate, too deep for tears.

All of one peace.

Yesterday fought the sun to death.

Today lightens our step to eternity,

where breath and works spark into life fearless

soaking in sweet harmony.

Growing within these paths, to nurture the seeds of days

Sitting in the fire of sweet melodies,

that danced into our story

The uncreated is created, golden like the sun.

All of one peace.

Yesterday burst the joy of our breath.

Today we walk the world in steps of oneness,

Pouring love like air in sameness.

Each step, light up love-torch.

Each step a union into a future, whose heart is whole.

Today, I heard a heart

All of one peace.

Yesterday knew wrong like a dead life.

Today our step is a healing stream, whose heart is whole.

To have the world, heart to heart,

To have the world whole.

Today I heard a world,

All of one peace.

Yet I wander like a breaking heart in pleasant places.

– Ayo Ayoola- Amale esq.

Muse of Poetic Harmony  in Africa.                                       copyright 2013.